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Current News

Fifth Graders Make Connections, Discoveries About Outer Space

Fifth Graders Make Connections, Discoveries About Outer Space thumbnail178923

F.E. Bellows Elementary School fifth graders have been learning about celestial objects, such as the sun, moon and stars, and their patterns in the sky in their science classes. Focusing on the importance of observation and explanation skills, the students discovered interesting information about these patterns from Earth.

In addition, the fifth graders worked on a NASA extension activity to help reinforce their understanding of orbits and rotations. Students said they enjoyed conducting observations of the stars in the sky and noticed so many things they didn’t know before.

“The idea that students are engaging in real-life, phenomenon-based questions to learn and understand concepts in science makes it more meaningful and relevant to them,” Principal Michael Scarantino said. “They learn about sundials and how to use the Earth-sun system to tell time at different places on the planet, a very interesting way to look at the importance of the sun and its relationship to Earth.”

This is a revised fifth grade unit of study as teachers begin to implement more Next Generation Science Standards-based curriculum in their classrooms. They are also piloting this current unit from PhD Science and a second one on Rainforest Restoration in the spring from Amplify Science.

Fourth Grade Students Sketch Masks

Fourth Grade Students Sketch Masks thumbnail178412

F.E. Bellows Elementary School fourth graders sketched drawings of masks after studying the work of Hallmark designer and illustrator Marcos Román. As part of the assignment in art teachers Trisha Appel’s and Dara Goodman’s classes, the students focused on using line details, patterns and shapes in their work.

Third Graders Create Landscape Paintings

Third Graders Create Landscape Paintings thumbnail178361

F.E. Bellows Elementary School third graders drew inspiration from painter Oscar-Claude Monet and the Impressionism art movement to create their own landscape paintings. The project was part of an assignment in art teacher Trisha Appel’s class.

“The students learned how to use watercolor paints to begin painting their landscapes,” Appel said. “They started by creating a horizon line and then choosing colors for their sky and land. They will add trees and show an understanding of space and depth in their final works of art.”