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Current News

‘Extraordinary Class’ Moves Up to Rye Neck Middle School

‘Extraordinary Class’ Moves Up to Rye Neck Middle School photo

F.E. Bellows Elementary School fifth graders – who have been described by their principal as a class of kind and extraordinary children – said farewell to their elementary school days during a moving-up ceremony on June 20. Together, they will embark on the next phase of their educational journey as sixth graders at Rye Neck Middle School in the fall.

The program began with a processional to “Pomp and Circumstance,” a flag salute and a performance of “America the Beautiful” before Principal Michael Scarantino welcomed the guests and honorees. He shared a few words of wisdom with the students and reminded them to look after one another because they are a family who will travel together through their entire school career. 

“My hope has always been that this theme – this message of family – would resonate with each and everyone one of you, and it has,” said Scarantino, who fondly remembered the students as his first third grade class at the school that he’s had the privilege of watching grow and learn over the years. “As I stand here proudly on your moving-up day, I am confident that you will take care of one another in middle school.” 

Scarantino encouraged the students to continue to show kindness and respect toward others and strive to achieve their goals. 

“Stay extraordinary whether you are an athlete, a scholar, an artist, a scientist, an innovator or a humanitarian – or a combination of all of the above,” he said. “Being extraordinary means anything you put your mind to is possible.” 

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Barbara Ferraro acknowledged that the students are ready for new, exciting challenges and opportunities that await them at middle school.  

“You have become strong, confident boys and girls with dreams and aspirations,” Dr. Ferraro said. “You are all extraordinary in so many ways. I ask you to remember that you have the Bellows spirit, so push yourselves to explore, take on a bit more, and when you do – new doors will open.” 

Before the students were called one by one to receive their certificates, they performed “Words of Wisdom,” a song that was written by the students and music teacher Tom Galgano. The ceremony concluded with a performance of “The Moving-Up Song 2019,” another song written by the students and Galgano.


Adventure Book Author Inspires Fourth Graders

Adventure Book Author Inspires Fourth Graders

Fourth grade students at F.E. Bellows Elementary School – who had been studying about New York State and its history – recently welcomed to their school author Peter Lourie, who shared his adventures that had inspired his numerous nonfiction books for children and adults.

During his visit, Lourie shared with the students that he wanted to become an archaeologist to travel the world, but after an experience in Ecuador, during which he researched the story of the Inca gold, he began writing adventure-travel books. He also discussed the many places around the world he has traveled to and how his experiences have inspired his books. He’s written books about rivers, including the Hudson River, as well as ancient cultures, animals and the environment. 

“It’s all about exploring the world,” he told the students. “Not the world of computers, the real world, where there are people and places to go to.” 

Lourie also took the students on a virtual adventure by sharing with them a selection of pictures and video clips from his travels and showed them the gear he brings on his river adventures. Following the gradewide assembly, Lourie hosted workshops to inspire young writers to embark on their own writing adventures and teach them the process of research, journal-keeping and revision. He encouraged the students to improve their storytelling skills by rewriting their stories numerous times, include details and not get discouraged. 

“Peter is a wonderful author and great storyteller,” fourth grade teacher Joan Spedafino said. “We loved having him here.” 

Lourie’s visit was generously sponsored by the PTSA.