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Please click HERE to see the new school vaccination requirements which were passed by the New York State Legislature on June 13, 2019.

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Are you wondering about the Daniel Warren "Wonder Studio".  Please read Mrs. Goldberg's article in the September Edition of Value Ed.  The Wonder Studio opens October 22.  We look forward to sharing more with you as students learn in this unique space.

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We are beginning to plan for our incoming class of Kindergartners for September of 2019.  In order to make all the necessary projections and accommodations, we need to know whether you have a child who will attend Kindergarten at Daniel Warren.  Any child born on or before December 1, 2014 and living in the Rye Neck School District is eligible to enter Kindergarten at Daniel Warren in September of 2019.

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Please visit our Nurse/Health Services page for health requirements and forms. (Please note that there are new health requirements for 2018-19.)

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You must complete an application each year. You only need to complete ONE form regardless of the number of children you have in the district.

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Daniel Warren Students Create ‘Wonderville’ Community

Daniel Warren Students Create ‘Wonderville’ Community
Daniel Warren Students Create ‘Wonderville’ Community 2
Daniel Warren Students Create ‘Wonderville’ Community 3
Daniel Warren Students Create ‘Wonderville’ Community 4
Daniel Warren Students Create ‘Wonderville’ Community 5
Daniel Warren Students Create ‘Wonderville’ Community 6
Daniel Warren Students Create ‘Wonderville’ Community 7
Complete with a school, police station, toy shop, bakery, pizza restaurant, local bank and library, as well as roads and traffic lights, kindergarten through second grade students at Daniel Warren Elementary School have created their own model of a community, called Wonderville. 

Inspired by the community that surrounds Rye Neck, each class was tasked with creating their own building out of cardboard and decorating it to resemble a real location in their community. Throughout the year, they have been focused on exploring three topics of study as part of their school’s new inquiry-based learning space, the Wonder Studio, which launched at the beginning of the school year. Each study – Garden, Architecture and Community – provided them with opportunities to wonder, discover, explore and create.

“This interactive opportunity allowed students and staff the chance to consider the significance and roles that people, places and shared ideas play in the creation of a community,” said library and media teacher Leigh Ann Kowalchick-Porphy, who spearheaded the activity. “It also allowed students an authentic opportunity to consider why community is important to us all.” 

The student-created community served as a culminating project to the students’ experiences and exploration of the concept of community. 

“As an inquiry-based learning space, the Wonder Studio is all about the process of asking questions and the exploration and discoveries we make as we find the answers to our questions,” Kowalchick-Porphy said.