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Tara Goldberg

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School Emergency Information Guide for Parents
School Emergency Information Guide for Parents (Spanish)


Our new superintendent wants to hear from you! Please join Dr. Lutinski when he hosts upcoming conversations at each of our schools to listen and learn about what families in our school community value.  Your child’s principal will soon send a Google sign-up form for these conversations. 


DW parents                  Monday, April 19th                 7:00pm            DW Auditorium 


FEB parents                 Wednesday, April 21st             7:00pm            FEB Auditorium


MS/HS parents            Thursday, April 22nd               7:00pm            MS/HS Dining Hall


FEB parents                 Monday, April 26th                 7:00pm            FEB Auditorium


DW parents                  Tuesday, April 27th                 7:00pm            DW Auditorium


K-12 parents                Thursday, April 29th                7:00 pm           MS/HS Dining Hall

If you would like to submit questions or topics for discussion, please send them via


DW/PTSA School Supply Order Form-Orders due May 15

Daniel Warren Full Return FAQ - March 17, 2021

New School Vaccination Requirements

•  Please click HERE to see the new school vaccination requirements which were passed by the New York State Legislature
    on June 13, 2019.
•  2020-2021 NYS Immunization Requirements
•  Please visit our Nurse/Health Services page for the most recent health requirements and forms.

Health Education

•  Health Education Curriculum
•  Health Education Advisory Council (HEAC) Recommendations

Social and Emotional Learning (K-12)

•  Please click HERE to view the Social and Emotional Learning K-12 Curriculum information.

Volunteer Letter and Application

•  You must complete an application each year.  You only need to complete ONE form regardless of the number of children you
    have in the district.


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