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Daniel Warren Elementary School

1310 Harrison Avenue,
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

Jane Scheinman
(914) 777-4200

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Title I Annual Meeting - ENL Library Partners Extended Day (Invitations have been sent) Tuesday, April 18, @ 2:15 p.m. - DW Library

Title I Annual Meeting - Kindergarten Transtition (Invitations have been sent) Friday, April 21, @ 2:15 p.m. - DW Library

Title I Annual Meeting - ENL Extended Day  (Invitations have been sent) Wednesday, May 31, @ 2:15 p.m. - DW Library

Wake up the Garden for Spring - Thursday, April 20th 3:00 - 4:30


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INCOMING KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION SEPT. 2017 - Contact the main office @ 914-777-4202

If your child is eligible to attend Kindergarten in the Rye Neck School District in September of 2017, and you have not given RN your contact information, please call or email Debbie Hutchinson at (777-4202) or dhutchinson@ryeneck.orgThis is necessary to keep you informed of important upcoming incoming kindergarten events.

Students born before December 1, 2012 are eligible for Kindergarten in September 2017.  Registration forms are available on the Student Registration page of the RN website. Contact Debbie Hutchinson to give her your information.

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Please visit our Nurse/Health Services page for health requirements and forms. (Please note that there are new health requirements for 2016-17.)


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You must complete an application each year. You only need to complete ONE form regardless of the number of children you have in the district.



Science Fair Celebrates Creativity, Curiosity at Daniel Warren

Daniel Warren Elementary School students shared their enthusiasm and passion for science when they showcased their projects at the Daniel Warren Science Fair and Inventions Convention on April 6.

Although participation in the science fair was voluntary, it featured more than 150 projects, which students had completed at home. During the school day, kindergarten- through second-grade students headed to the school’s multi-purpose room to make observations about their peers’ work, while parents and friends celebrated the students’ scientific accomplishments when they attended the fair in the evening.

“The Science Fair and Inventions Convention was an exciting learning extension, which was designed to focus on student exploration and understanding of a variety of scientific principles,” said Principal Jane Scheinman. “It was a chance for them to use their creative minds as they begin to explore new things. The students take such pride in their projects and what they’ve done, and it’s something we look forward to every year.”

Each student, who contributed to the fair by showcasing an experiment, presenting a collection or making a model, received a certificate for their participation. First-grader Joe Crawford, who conducted a “rubber egg” experiment by placing an egg in a cup containing vinegar, said he enjoyed taking on the role of a scientist.

“What’s fascinating is the vinegar went inside the egg, and the egg was getting bigger and bigger, and then [it] turned into rubber through osmosis,” he said.

‘What Do Scientists Do?’ at Daniel Warren Elementary School

Second-graders at Daniel Warren Elementary School took on the roles of scientists when they conducted experiments and made scientific observations as part of a special workshop, titled “What Do Scientists Do?” on March 23 and 24.

Led by guest scientists Lori Adams and Jill Eisenstein, the students participated in a number of hands-on activities and discussions to gain a deeper understanding of the scientific process, research and roles of scientists. Looking through a magnifying glass, they examined the larvae of the Painted Lady butterfly and noted their observations in a science report notebook. They also conducted an experiment to discover what color ink is found in brown and black markers.

“I hope our young scientists got a basic understanding of the scientific method, and most of all, I hope they understood that science is all around us,” Principal Jane Scheinman said.

The science workshops served as an introduction and entry point for the students as they prepare for the upcoming Daniel Warren Science Fair and Inventions Convention, which will be held on April 6. Students in kindergarten through second grade can participate by showcasing an experiment, presenting a collection or making a model.  



Cardio Boot Camp Promotes Student Wellness at Daniel Warren

Daniel Warren Elementary School students performed a variety of high intensity exercises when they swapped in cardio boot camp for their regular physical education classes as part of the school’s Health and Wellness initiative.

Sponsored by the PTSA, an instructor from the Rye YMCA led the students through the cardio workouts during the week of March 6. They performed a number of exercises at each station, which included an agility ladder, shuffle steps, sprints, interval training through crunches and shuttle runs. They also learned about the importance of cooling down their bodies before the next set of interval training circuit.

“The program exposed the students to activities and fitness concepts that are an extension of what is taught within our physical education curriculum,” teacher Kristin Desio said. “The students always enjoy having a guest presenter at school. It also connects the local community with our district and it’s a great way to promote staying active.”

In her physical education classes, Desio said she teaches students about the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle. They also learn about the major muscles within their bodies and their functions.

“I want them to be exposed to various activities from sports to exercising and other fitness-related hobbies,” she said. “The goal is to try to expose them to enough activities so they find something they enjoy and pursue outside of the school day.”



Daniel Warren Students Improving Emotional Balance with Mindfulness

Daniel Warren Elementary School students are learning different strategies to relax, focus, improve attention and better prepare for class as part of the school’s newly implemented Mindfulness program, a pilot that is currently available to six classes.

Each week, the students meet with mindfulness instructor Cheryl Brause, director of 2bpresent, to learn mindfulness skills that can help them feel energized, engaged and ready to learn. During the 15-minute sessions, they stretch their muscles, listen to the singing bowl, close their eyes and practice focusing their attention. They also learn how to become more aware of their emotions and thoughts and practice basic relaxation exercises.

“The whole idea is to get students familiar with ways to improve their ability to focus and pay attention and understand they have control of their own emotional regulation,” Brause said. “All of those skills can help them exercise greater self-awareness, improve their emotional wellbeing and boost their concentration so they’re ready to learn in school.”

During a recent session, Brause used a breathing ball to help students visualize their own deep breaths and teach them how to control their breathing, which can help them concentrate and calm down. She said some of the benefits of teaching mindfulness include reducing stress, increasing physical wellness and emotional balance, improving cognitive function and creating a sense of ease in daily life.

Students will continue to meet with Brause to practice a variety of mindfulness techniques through the end of April.


Students Collect Books for Children Worldwide

The PTSA is hosting a children's book drive at Daniel Warren Elementary School to help enrich the literary lives of children who are less fortunate around the world. Students and their families are encouraged to donate their gently used books and drop them off on the table in the entryway through March 3.

“We stress the importance of peace and friendship at Daniel Warren and this is a way for our students to learn about helping others as a beginning to the concept of community service,” Principal Jane Scheinman said.

The books will be donated to the Darien Book Aid, a local charity that will distribute them to schools and libraries worldwide. The all-volunteer organization seeks to build a foundation of peace through the free distribution of books.

“Last year we donated more than 1,200 books,” Scheinman said. “We are trying to beat that number this year.”


Kindergartners Celebrate 100 Days of School

Daniel Warren Elementary School kindergartners marked the 100th day of school on Feb. 14 and celebrated by using the number 100 in a variety of ways. Through the meaningful and enriching activities, the students commemorated how much they have grown and learned since September.

“Every day in our morning meeting we count the days of school, which builds a number sense for the kindergartners,” teacher Connie Levin said. “100 is a very big number to them and the activities helped make it into something concrete and much more tangible.”

Throughout the day, the students practiced counting to 100 by 1s and 10s, solved puzzles, constructed necklaces and shared their creative art projects, which were made out of 100 items, for the milestone event.

Besides having fun on their 100th day of school, the students also gained a better understanding of place value and numbers through the activities.


Second-Graders Conduct Weather Experiments


Daniel Warren Elementary School second-graders kicked off their new science unit on air and weather by exploring concepts such as lightning, clouds, tornadoes, precipitation and condensation through a number of science demonstrations and hands-on activities.

Thanks to a generous grant from the PTSA, the students welcomed scientist Mark Goldstein to their classrooms on Jan. 10 and 11 and experienced the science enrichment program, Weather or Not. Goldstein, who brought energy and excitement to his presentation, interacted with the students as they discovered the properties of air and air pressure and learned what causes the different types of weather. As part of the experiments, the students watched an egg get sucked into a jar, lifted ice cubes with a string, played with tornado tubes and made a cloud in the classroom.

“This was a wonderful program,” teacher Tara Linehan said. “It directly correlated to our curriculum on air and weather. Mr. Goldstein introduced so many science content words that got the students excited to begin our new science unit. They’re going to learn about air pressure, the water cycle, different types of precipitation and all of those things were covered during his hands-on experiments.”

Principal Jane Scheinman said two second-graders have been joining her each morning since the beginning of the school year to provide their peers with a daily weather report during the morning announcements. Now, the students will have a better understanding of what they’ve been reporting on as they continue to build on their knowledge of weather.


Daniel Warren Students Stay Healthy with Zumba


Daniel Warren Elementary School students showed off their dance moves when they swapped in Zumba for their regular physical education classes as part of the school’s Health and Wellness initiative.

Sponsored by the PTSA, a Zumba instructor from the Rye YMCA led the students through the dance workouts during the week of Jan. 9. In addition to Zumba, school officials arrange for a variety of unique exercise activities to take place during physical education classes throughout the year, including circus yoga and cardio boot camp.  

“We strive to teach our students to be fit and healthy,” Principal Jane Scheinman said. “We encourage healthy eating and have guidelines for snacks and birthday celebrations. We want our students to understand that healthy eating and exercise can be fun.”


Kindergartners ‘Make Sense’ of their Five Senses


Daniel Warren Elementary School kindergartners explored their five senses with scientist Christopher Stetson, who helped them conduct several experiments during his visit on Dec. 14.

During the interactive “Let’s Make Sense” program, which was generously funded by the PTSA, the students tested their visual and auditory skills, differentiated between odors and discovered the four tastes – sweet, salty, sour and bitter – that our taste buds can distinguish among. Kindergarten teacher Kathy Blaney said the program provided a great introduction to their science unit on the five senses.

“We like this program because [scientist Stetson] really helped the children focus on each of the senses and engaged them in an interactive, hands-on workshop,” Blaney said. “Children learn by doing and participating, so this is perfect for this age level.”

As part of the experiments, the students shined a flashlight into their eyes to examine how their pupils react to light. They also identified different scents in a balloon and cans; and shook jars to determine whether they were filled with sand, paper clips, a wooden block or pennies. They also grouped different pictures of food according to the four tastes, and felt three different pieces of sanding paper to determine which one had the roughest surface.

“This is a very appropriate science unit for kindergarten as the children are learning a lot about themselves, their bodies and how they’re growing,” Blaney added. “We’re working on having them be aware of themselves and others, and how they’re part of the environment.”

Following the program, the students will continue to conduct experiments to further study the senses.