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Current News

Bubbledad Brings Science to Life for Daniel Warren Students

Chris Catanese With Kids Running After Bubbles thumbnail187438
Chris Catanese Talking thumbnail187440
Chris Catanese Blowing a Bubble thumbnail187441
Chris Catanese Showing off the science of bubbles thumbnail187442
Students having fun outside thumbnail187443
Students sitting on towels watching Chris Catanese thumbnail187444
Giant bubbles in sky over kids heads thumbnail187445
Kids touching giant bubbles in the air thumbnail187446
Chris Catanese showing off the different size of bubbles he can make thumbnail187447
Daniel Warren Elementary School kindergarten through second grade students were treated to an interactive science demonstration when Chris Catanese, also known as Bubbledad, visited their school on June 1, 17 and 18.

As part of the PTSA STEAM programming, the students experienced an enrichment program that directly correlated to the science curriculum and learned how to make bubbles of all sizes.

“The students loved it; they had so much fun while learning,” teacher Emily Taylor said.

First Graders Explore Butterflies

Class Raising Their Butterflies  Up In The Air thumbnail184777
Educator Megan Brown Showing Butterflies Photo 1 thumbnail184778
Educator Megan Brown Reading To The Class thumbnail184779
Educator Megan Brown Helping Kids Make Paper Butterflies Photo 1 thumbnail184780
Educator Megan Brown Showing Butterflies Photo 3 thumbnail184781
Educator Megan Brown Helping Kids Make Paper Butterflies Photo 2 thumbnail184782
Educator Megan Brown Showing Butterflies Photo 3 thumbnail184783
Daniel Warren Elementary School first graders engaged in an in-depth discussion about butterflies when they welcomed educator Megan Brown from the Bruce Museum to their school on June 3 and 4.

“The students acted out the lifecycle of a butterfly, completed a butterfly puzzle, viewed preserved butterflies, listened to ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar,’ learned about symmetry, asked questions and made their own butterfly puppet on a popsicle stick,” teacher Dawn Drace said.

The program through the Bruce Museum served as an enriching experience to the students’ science studies. In their classes, they have been learning about insects and their characteristics and observed live insects, such as the painted lady butterflies and harvester ants, in their classrooms. In addition, the students explored other insects and their unique features, including adaptation and camouflage abilities and their benefits to the environment.