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September 11, 2017 Meeting Agenda and Minutes
September 26, 2017 Meeting Agenda and Minutes  
October 10, 2017 Meeting Agenda and Minutes
October 24, 2017 Meeting Agenda and Minutes



FAC Notice
FAC Application Form



  • The Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC) is established as an ad hoc advisory body of the district and serves at the will of the Board of Education (Board).
  • Trustees Fasolino and Aulfinger will act as Board Representatives to the FAC.



  • The FAC shall strive to reflect the interests of a cross-section of the district, and include a balance of stakeholder interests and perspectives, including but not limited to parents, community members, and individuals with expertise in related areas such as business, finance, land development, and construction.
  • All members shall be registered voters in the Rye Neck Union Free School District.
  • The FAC shall consist of a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 25 members, selected by the Board.  The Committee shall select two to serve as Chairs of the FAC to interact with the Board representatives.
  • Regular attendance by members is required and is important for representation, thorough discussion, and decision-making on Committee recommendations.  FAC members must commit themselves to a minimum of two monthly meetings for September and October.  All meeting dates are mandatory.  They are: September 11, 2017, September 26, 2017, October 10, 2017,  and October 24, 2017 at 7 p.m. in the MS/HS Community Room.  Failure to attend all four meetings will result in the inability to vote on Committee recommended actions.
  • The FAC will conduct business in a manner that models respect and civility. Only FAC chairpeople are authorized to speak on behalf of the FAC; members shall not speak for the district unless otherwise authorized by the District.



  • FAC meeting agendas shall be posted on the District website at least 72 hours in advance.
  • FAC may assign subcommittees to perform various work and to make recommendations to the full FAC for consideration.
  • Members shall attempt to reach decisions by consensus.  However, if a clear consensus cannot be obtained, decisions shall be reached by a majority vote of members present.  Members must be present to vote; proxy, skype, phone, or email votes are not allowed.



  • The FAC is charged with examining and developing recommendations related to:
  1. Current infrastructure needs
  2. Delivery of the educational programs as presented by the Board of Education, Administration and District consultants.
  • The goal of the FAC shall be to examine and refine the needs of the District that minimizes tax impact by focusing on projects of highest need, yet is comprehensive enough to equitably safeguard the long-term investments of taxpayers.
  • In its deliberations, the FAC may consider:

                        ⚬         Needs of academic, fine arts, athletic, and other District programs

                        ⚬         Overall tax impact on the community

                        ⚬         Physical constraints of the building sites

                        ⚬         Future enrollment growth

                        ⚬         Current school overcrowding

                        ⚬         New facilities and maintenance of existing facilities

                        ⚬         Energy efficiency and environmental responsiveness

                        ⚬         Time-sensitive needs

                        ⚬         Former bond proposals and architectural designs



  • The two Chairs shall preside over sub-committee meetings and represent the FAC as necessary or appropriate in other venues. 
  • The Chairs shall ensure that basic minutes are kept for each FAC meeting and submitted to the district clerk to be posted on the District website.  The Chairs shall ensure that the FAC minutes remain current.  Meeting minutes must include attendees.
  • The FAC shall be available to assist the district in communicating information to the public, and in gathering and assessing public input.
  • Any reports prepared by the FAC shall be provided to the Superintendent, who shall forward the reports to the Board for information.  FAC reports shall also be posted on the District website.
  • The FAC shall present committee recommendations to the Board for consideration on November 1, 2017 at the Board of Education Planning Session, and announce to the district at the November 15, 2017 Board of Education meeting.
  • The Board shall consider the Committee’s recommendations, which it can accept, modify or reject.