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District-Wide School Safety Plan
Emergency Closings

Developed in accordance with New York State Education Law, the plan addresses various emergency situations including the general steps to follow for each.  It is available for viewing at the Superintendent’s Office and in the main offices of Daniel Warren, F.E. Bellows, Rye Neck Middle School, and Rye Neck High School.
Each school has an Emergency Response Plan, specifically designed to meet the individual school’s needs.  The Emergency Response Plans include an Emergency Response Team comprised of school staff and community members that will be put into action if there is an emergency situation.  For the protection of students, staff and community, Emergency Response Plans are not available for public view.
If an actual emergency should occur during school hours or during extra-curricular activities, you will receive instructions for picking up your children through an automated call/email/text.  Emergency Information can also be found on the District Website,  Phone calls also may be made by school personnel.
To find out if Rye Neck Schools are closed or delayed due to inclement weather, you can watch Channel 12  or ABC 7 on TV. Closing Information can also be found on the District Website,  In addition, an automated call/email/text will be made to each household with school closing information.
The TV and school website are your best source of information during emergencies because police and school phone lines tend to be tied up at that time.  Do not try to call or go to your child’s school building unless instructed, as this could impede emergency procedures.

District Notification System

This year we will continue to use our District Notification system for emergency situations and attendance.  All contact phone numbers are taken from the information you have provided to the district through your emergency contact form.  Please be sure that all the numbers you have provided are correct and up to date.

To update your information, please contact:
•  Middle School and High School - Delores Ayaso at or 777-4882
•  Bellow - Jayne Gavigan at or 777-4602
•  Daniel Warren - Laurie DiFalco at or 777-4202.