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District Information

In Case of Absence

Parent or Guardian is required to call the school by 9:00 a.m. each day of absence or lateness to indicate the reason for the absence/lateness.  A message may be left for a school nurse at any time.

MS/HS Attendance Office (914) 777-4882
F.E. Bellows Nurse (914) 777-4610
Daniel Warren Nurse (914) 777-4210

A note, signed by the parent or guardian, indicating the number of days absent, dates, and reason for the absence, must be brought to the teacher or homeroom teacher upon returning to school.

An absence from school WITHOUT a note is an ILLEGAL ABSENCE.

Lateness: MS/HS

Students must report to the school Attendance Office immediately upon arrival with a note signed by a parent or guardian indicating the reason for lateness.

Lateness: Daniel Warren & F.E. Bellows

Students must report to the School Nurse immediately upon arrival, be signed in by a parent or guardian, and receive a late pass.


For Daniel Warren, Bellows, and Middle School students, a written note MUST BE brought to school if there is to be any change in the lunch arrangements for a particular day.  Children MAY NOT make phone calls to change lunch arrangements. 

Surveillance Cameras

To promote and foster school safety and ensure a safer and effective learning environment, surveillance cameras are installed in school buildings and on school grounds. These cameras are only utilized in public areas where there is no “reasonable expectation of privacy” and may or may not be monitored at any given time. However, activity is continuously recorded. Any video recording used for surveillance purposes shall be the sole property of the District. Requests for viewing a video recording must be made in writing to the Superintendent or his designee.

No Trespassing

There is no trespassing on school property after dark.  Any individual caught will be subject to arrest.