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Mary Lanza, Technology Coordinator/Data Privacy Coordinator

(914) 777-4724

ATTENTION FAMILIES:  if you do not have access to the internet at home and need a mobile hotspot for your child to work on his/her home-learning days, please contact Mary Lanza at (914) 777-4724 or

We envision instructional technology providing an environment where our community grows from digital citizens to digital leaders as we become more proficient in the use of technology; understands its potential; and uses it to achieve our personal, professional and academic goals.

Google Suite for Education allows us to reach many of the goals set forth in our vision.  As we looked to the future of our school and what we wanted to provide for our students, we knew we had to integrate teaching and learning as much as possible.  We knew we had to increase our use of technology to give students more access and equity across our K-12 classes.  We wanted to provide the means for our teachers to break down the walls of their classrooms in innovative ways.  We, also, knew we had an ecological and financial responsibility to become a greener district.  G-Suite and Chromebooks allowed us to reach those goals.

NEW 1:1 Chromebook Program - Grades 3-12

The Rye Neck Union Free School District is pleased to announce a new 1:1 Chromebook program for students in grades 3-12 starting this fall.  In order to achieve academic excellence, today's students require access to educational experiences that seamlessly integrate technology throughout the educational program both in school and at home.  Teaching and learning through the integration of Chromebooks not only increases student engagement and ownership of learning, but also allows for effective transformation of curriculum that can take place anywhere and at any time.  The purpose of this initiative is to provide equitable 21st century tools and resources necessary for our students to be successful and engaged learners.

Before school starts in September, students in grades 3-12 will be given a Rye Neck-owned Chromebook to use throughout the school day and at home, as well as over school vacations.

Additionally, Daniel Warren students will have increased access to devices in their classes, but those devices will remain in the school building.  This expanded exposure will help our K-2 learners develop their digital proficiency, literacy, and citizenship under the direct supervision of their teachers.

By using technology effectively, we believe it will lead to increased student engagement and student achievement in all areas.

Families will receive further information and updates about this initiative later this summer.

•  Click HERE for Parent Guide to Google and Google Classroom

2020-2021 Technology Plan Presentation
2020-2021 Remote Learning and Classroom Technology Plan