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Counseling Services Department Leadership Opportunities

Girls’ Leadership Worldwide   

9th or 10th Grade Girls
A Program of The Eleanor Roosevelt Leadership Center at Val-Kill

Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill Program

Girls’ Leadership Worldwide prepares girls to be principled and socially conscious global leaders.  It is a 9-day program for high school girls who desire to make a difference in their own lives, their communities and the world.  Girls experience interactive workshops, field trips to NYC, the United Nations and other significant sites, while building supportive relationships with inspiring mentors and peers.


LeadAmerica partners and collaborate with some of the top colleges and universities throughout the United States to offer college immersion programs designed to better prepare high school and middle school students academically and emotionally for the transition to college life and beyond.   LeadAmerica helps to develop leadership skills for students while they enjoy an amazing experience at one of America’s top schools.

National Youth Leadership Forum - 10th - 12th Grade
Students embark on a six-day exploration of careers in national security, intelligence, diplomacy, international affairs and other related fields.  Washington, D.C.

Global Young Leaders Conference - 10th and 11th Grade 
Students will expand their perspectives and cultivate their inherent leadership skills by examining and discussing global issues with distinguished diplomats and visiting historical and modern-day bastions of political, social and economic influence.  NYC, Washington, D.C. Vienna, Budapest, Prague

National Young Leaders Conference - 10th - 12th Grade 
For students who demonstrate outstanding scholastic and leadership potential.  The mission is to "foster and inspire young people to achieve their full leadership potential." Washington, D.C.

National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine Grades 9-12 
This forum provides students the opportunity to experience the reality of a medical career through education, clinical research, and technology.  Students focus on issues and practice in lectures and seminars as well as participate in one-on-one interactions with medical students, physicians, surgeons and biomedical researchers.