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Food Services

Christine Torregrossa, Whitsons Culinary Group
Food Services Director
(914) 777-4845

•  Whitson's Reopening Plan 2020-21 (English/Spanish) 
•  Full Remote Students - Weekly Meal Information
•  Food Service Update - ENGLISH
•  Food Service Update - SPANISH

About Whitsons
Whitsons' FD Menu Planner Flyer

Remote meal pickup is every Monday from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.  A week's worth of meals are distributed.  The pickup point is outside of the MS/HS cafeteria.  Families can drive in, come around to the side of the MS/HS cafeteria and look for the sign.  Families do not need to get out of their cars.  Families that are interested in picking up meals must email Christine Torregrossa at



•  Daniel Warren/F.E. Bellows
•  Middle/High School BREAKFAST
•  Middle/High School LUNCH 

MySchoolBucks Information

•  MySchoolBucks
•  Please Note:  It can take between 24-48 hours for money to appear in your child's account, so please plan
•  ATTENTION:  When setting up automatic payments on the MySchoolBucks site, you will be prompted to
    select a fee option.  There are no fees associated with using MySchoolBucks for meal payments.  Please
    select "Pay As You Go" and when you get to the payment page, you will see that no additional fee is charged.

MySchoolBucks Balance Transfers

•  Graduating?  Leaving the District?  If you need the balance in your MySchoolBucks account refunded or 
   transferred to a sibling, please email Maria Gigi at
•  Please note that you have 12 months from the date of graduation/leaving the District to request refunds and

Food Services Forms

•  2020-2021 Letter and Application for Free and Reduced Price School Meals/Milk (English)
•  2020-2021 Letter and Application for Free and Reduced Price School Meals/Milk (Spanish)
•  Parent Letter and Registration/Payment Instructions for ALL Schools
•  Staff Registration/Payment Instructions
•  Miscellaneous Extras Letter (English)
•  Miscellaneous Extras Letter (Spanish)

Food Services Links

•  New Requirements Chart
•  Elementary School Breakfast Program Exemption
•  Rye Neck Student Wellness Policy

Certification Officials

•  Hearing Official:  Carolyn Mahar, Assistant Superintendent for Business
•  Reviewing Official:  Nicole Bonilla, Secretary to Asst. Supt. for Business
•  Verification Official - Nicole Bonilla, Secretary to Asst. Supt. for Business