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•  NYS DOH Interim Guidance for End of Academic Year Celebrations - 4/12/2021
•  NYS DOH Interim Guidance for In-Person Instruction at Pre-K to
   Grade 12 - 4/9/2021

•  NYSDOH Pre-K to Grade 12 COVID-19 Tool Kit

•  Find a Test Site Near You

•  NYS Color Zone Guidance - Updated December 4th

•  Rye Neck COVID Testing Q&A


Updates from the Rye Neck UFSD 

•  Travel Update - 4/1/2021
•  NYS DOH Quarantine Requirements for Exposure to COVID-19 - 12/26/2020
•  Public Health Announcement - Quarantine Period
•  Westchester County Statement on Public Schools
•  Westchester County Testing Guidance
•  Rye Neck COVID-19 Conversation - 10/23/2020
•  Top 10 FAQs About COVID
•  Quarantine & Isolation Guidance from the Department of Health
•  Pediatricians Answer Top 10 Questions Re: Masks in Children
•  Cleaning Products Used by the Rye Neck School District
•  Westchester County COVID-19 FAQs for School Districts
•  Rye Neck COVID 2019-20 Savings and Expenses
•  Westchester County Child Care Programs and Providers with Openings
•  COVID19 Resources

Important Links

•  Eye Health and Screentime
•  Webinar:  Staying Strong and Resilient While Staying Home - A Guide for Parents and Teachers
   Credentials and Endorsements
•  Resources for Mental Health and Talking to Young People about COVID-19
•  FERPA & Coronavirus Disease - Frequently Asked Questions
•  COVID 19 (Spanish)
•  Center for Disease Control 2019 nCoV website
•  CDC Covid 19 Exposure Risk
•  Talking to Kids About the Corona Virus
•  How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus
•  NYS Department of Health Novel Coronavirus Website
•  NYS Department of Health Local Health Departments
•  NYS Center for School Health
•  Westchester County Health Department
•  "We simply do not understand why': Coronavirus is sparing children, puzzling experts