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We understand that many parents are employed by businesses and organizations providing essential services, and therefore still need to work and still need child care. The Child Care Council has assembled this list of child care programs and providers who are, as of the date of this list, open to providing care for additional children. Please note: the Council is providing these as referral options only, and not recommendations. The Council does not recommend any particular program/provider nor can we guarantee the capabilities or the quality of care for any program or provider. Therefore, inclusion on this list should not be seen as an endorsement or a recommendation by the Council. We strongly urge you to check the compliance history of any provider or program you will consider using at:

Blessed Beginnings Childcare, Inc.
Mount Vernon, NY 10553
Contact: Claudia F. Lewis
Contact Number: 914-602-3972
1) 5 - 12 years - Capacity: 24
2) Birth – 4 years - Capacity: 12

First Stage Day Care Incorporated

Union Avenue, Mount Vernon NY 10550
Contact: Miriama Kora
Contact Number: 718-585-0577
1) 5 - 12 years - Capacity: 6
2) Birth – 4 years - Capacity: 6

Moe’s Learning Center
174 Madison Ave (44.41 mi)
Port Chester, New York 10573
Contact: Monique L. Thompson
Contact Number: 917-631-0439
1) 5 - 12 years - Capacity: 20
2) Birth – 4 years - Capacity: 20

White Plains Family YMCA
250 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains, NY 10605
Contact: Margarita Pineiro
Contact Number: 914-949-8030
1) 5 - 12 years - Capacity: 20
2) Birth – 4 years - Capacity: 20

Happy Kids Daycare

380 Hawthorne Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10705
Contact: Gleny DeAza
Contact Number: 914-979-5457
1) 5 - 12 years - Capacity: 43
2) Birth – 4 years - Capacity: 40

If you would like a more personalized referral service based on your family’s needs, please call our Referral Department at 914-761-3456 x140. Leave a message and we will call you back. This service is FREE. Our Child Care Specialist will provide referrals appropriate to your child’s age, the days/times you need care, as well as other specifications as we are able. For first responders and health care workers, we will take the additional steps of verifying openings at up to three providers/programs, to save you some time.

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